Become our benefactor

Zurich City Roller Derby is a public and independent sports club, led by brave, athletic and committed women between the age of 18 and 45 years. We are a fully self-organized association and rely on financial support. Therefore, we would be grateful if you become a benefactor of Zurich City Roller Derby. You can sign-up here and support us with an annual fee of either CHF 50.- or CHF 100.-

For CHF 50.- a year you will receive a free admission to one of our homebouts and a CHF 20.- voucher for our merch articles.
For CHF 100.- a year you will get admission to all four home bouts and also a CHF 20.- voucher for the merch articles.

You do not commit to any continuous support for the following year. After receiving your payment, you can collect the vouchers at one of our next homebouts at the entrance. The vouchers are also transferable.

Thank you for your support!