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Try out:
Try Out is free of charge and without commitment.
In case you like to start roller derby for real, you can sign in for our Newbie course. (separate registration necessary)

Next try outs:
11th of march 2024
18th of march 2024
Registration form:

Newbie cours:
8th of april 2024 to 8th of july 2024
On Mondays, 20.00 – 22.00
Landihalle, Quellenstrasse 6, 8610 Uster
(approx. 7 minutes on foot from the train station Uster)

The Newbie course costs 50.- CHF.


You consider to be part of our team?
But you don’t know anything about roller skating?
Or it was back in your childhood when you were last skating?

All of this is not a problem. You will learn the most important and basic elements of skating during the newbie course. Besides the basic skating skills you also get to know the rules of Roller Derby and how to behave in a game.

All genders all welcome but you must be 18+ years old. At offical bouts the WFTDA gender statement (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) applies saying that all transgender women, intersex women, and gender expansive participants are eligible to the game. If you are interested about a youth or men’s Roller Derby team, contact us on info[at]

The newbie course offers you an affordable opportunity to find out whether you want to become a skater in our team or prefer to be a skating or non-skating official. After the course you have all possibilities to be part of our team in one or the other way.

It’s not ecessary to buy the full equipment for the newbie course. You have the option to rent the gear for little money for the duration of the course. We recommend to only buy proper Roller Derby skates after the newbie course as they are rather expensive.

The Newbie course lasts about 8 weeks. In the course you learn not only skating skills but also the basics of strategy and rules. Depending on your skating skills you can join our B-Team the ZCRD BruiseZ directly after the course. Or you can do the course again to be confident on skates before you join the team training.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our next try out events. Usually, they take place in late summer for the course starting in autumn and mid-December for the one starting in spring of the following year. Details regarding the dates, can be found on this page later on or you can contact us at recruting[at]