Derby in Switzerland

Roller Derby Switzerland

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In July 2014, there was a great desire to participate in the Roller Derby World Cup. This led to the foundation of the Swiss National Team, also known as Team Switzerland.

First bouts

Under the slogan «Hot & Cheesy” the first bouts were played soon. The very first game of Team Switzerland was the preparation game for the World Cup 2014 against Team Italy. At the World Cup in Dallas, Texas, the Swiss team was part of group 2 with teams from France, Brazil and Portugal. Unfortunately, Switzerland lost all the games and Team Switzerland reached the 27th place out of 30 ranks.


In the course of the past years, they have taken part in various bouts and tournaments. At the European Roller Derby Tournament in 2016, team Switzerland reached 8th place and at the World Cup in Manchester in 2018 the 28th place (out of 38 ranks). The results of individual games can be found here.


The goal is to continuously improve the performance and to participate in further tournaments and world cups. The aim is to strengthen the sports recognition and visibility to other Swiss leagues. We want to foster the best Swiss talents and increase our legitimacy to secure our sport’s sustainability.

Apart from the players, there are other people supporting Team Switzerland:
Coaches: Spider Lilith and GG Hardy
Team manager: Stephanie Souron