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There are many opportunities to participate. Whether you want to skate or you prefer solid ground under your feet, no matter if you want to let off steam or if you prefer a more comfortable pace, if you like to be in the limelight or if you’d rather work in the background, no matter if you are a Roller Derby professional or have no clue (yet). You will find a place with us and we look forward to seeing you! All genders, ages and body shapes are welcome.


If you want to join the team as a skater, you must first complete the approximately 3-month lasting Newbie Course and pass a Minimum Skills Test (MST). Before the Newbie Course there are 2 try-out sessions where you can just try out if Roller Derby could be anything for you. You do not need any prior knowledge or experience. And we also provide the gear. The main thing is that you are over 18.

We offer two Newbie courses per year. If you are interested, please contact us at:

In our trainings, all genders are welcome. In bouts (games) the gender statement of the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) applies. Then only women, Trans, Inter and Genderqueers are on the track. More at: wftda gender statement

The formation of a junior team and /or a men’s team are however not at all impossible.

For more information, read the newbie guide!


Every game needs lots of Officials and Volunteers. So, there are many ways to get involved off the track as well. Officials are always very close to the action. Of course, they are part of the team. As an Official you will meet exciting people from all over the world. If you like, you can join team events and away bouts (away games). You can learn to skate at your own pace – or not. In any case, you will become an integral part of the worldwide roller derby community. And we will certainly appreciate your work. Freddie Merciless: what officiating means to me

Skating Official (Referee / short: Ref / also: Zebra)

3 to 7 Refs ensure safety and fair play in bouts and scrimmages. But not only that! Refs can also skate, get a derby name and the smartest uniforms. Vertical stripes – yeah! #TeamZebra

As a ref, you have to skate, of course, but without full contact. If you can’t skate yet you will learn this in the Newbie Course, together with our budding skaters!

If you are already safe on your skates, then you may also be able to get in right away. We provide you with enough food for your brain (yes, there are many rules …) and our regular scrimmages allow you to test your newly acquired knowledge directly. Also, in training you can always participate to refine your skating skills. Write to

Non Skating Official (short: NSO)

We don’t only need Refs for every game, but many more NSOs! As an NSO, you ensure that all points are counted correctly, the score is always up-to-date, all penalties are counted, players don’t spend too much time (but long enough) in the penalty box, the jams start on time, etc.

Optionally armed with a clipboard, stopwatch, tape or whistle, NSOs make sure that a derby bout is even possible. Since the jobs for NSOs are as diverse as the people who love derby, we’re sure to find a place for you. You do not need any previous knowledge. We teach you everything. And at our regular scrimmages you are welcome to practice. Write to


You do not consider yourself a skater or an official? No problem, we need more helping hands. You like “all eyes on me”? Then announcer, DJ, cheerleader or mascot might be something for you.

Nope, not so fond of being the center of attention? Then help us to sell the raffle tickets, at the desk at the entrance, or at the cake buffet. The possibilities to support us as a volunteer are almost unlimited. And you can give (almost) free rein to your imagination. Your support as a volunteer is also possible with limited time resources and without obligation.

Write to us at

Did you know?

Did you know that Roller Derby has one of the most inclusive regulations on trans and inter people in sport? The WFTDA* Gender Statement defines that trans, inter, non-binary and genderqueer skaters own their space in the Roller Derby. The only thing that matters is self-definition.
We are proud to be part of a community that has made so much progress.
We make mistakes and learn from them. Only in this way can we continue to develop.
We hope that many other sports will follow our example. For more safety and inclusion of all athletes.
*Women Flat Track Derby Association: the International Federation for Women’s Roller Derby